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CreatorVentures is a community-driven investment fund that backs ventures founded by creators and builders of the web3 era.

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Investing In Creators & Builders

We believe in web3

According to SignalFire, more than 50 million people globally consider themselves creators. The creator economy has become one of the fastest-growing small business classes.

Increasingly, creators are moving off of social networks and on to their own websites, apps, and monetization platforms, claiming ownership of their content, brand, and business.

And with blockchain-based technology, they can go as far as distributing some ownership to their community of fans and followers. This is the web3 era.

Community-driven venture capital

CreatorVentures' investor base consists of a community of fellow creators and builders that are passionate about web3. This community operates the fund, sources new opportunities, and decides which ventures to invest in. Their ownership and governance of the fund results in a community-driven approach to venture capital.

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Backed by creators and builders

CreatorVentures' community of fellow creators and builders holds a unique expertise on the creator economy, ownership economy, and web3, which traditional venture capital firms are rarely exposed to. We aim to build an investment fund that adds value by turning our community into a resource that founders can use to better scale their business ventures.

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